JRC Logistics, Inc Philosophy


  1. Service – One contributing element to our customer is reliable service with speed, precision  on   competitive  rates.   And also supported with updated and accurate information of shipment so it can maximize the total service satisfaction.
  1. Customer Relations – Cooperation  with   customers based on both professionalism and trust.  With Customer satisfaction our motto is Your satisfaction is our success – to enhance our clients competitiveness by  providing them with ever improving logistical solutions, and we work for today and invest for tomorrow .
  1. Human Resources – With professional, highly integrity, responsibility human resources we develop management and operational system which  will answer the  challenge to provide the best service for customer’s satisfaction, partnership and also for company.
  1. Service Network – with cooperation networking with related and selected party specially with shipping network which already has a good reputation on service become the important factor on providing the satisfy total service. So we really preserve the positive synergy in our network.